Complimentary Training from Master Teachers Who Are Published Authors & Entrepreneurs


Join us September 27 – 29, 2017 for an Energy-Filled, Coffee Shop-Style Virtual Event!

Grab your cup of pleasure and your pen – these interviews are one-of-a-kind! You won’t hear any pre-rehearsed pitches or the “same ol, same ol” about how these carefully-chosen experts got started in business.

Nope! They’re sharing their personal struggles and triumphs as they wrote and published their book.

I’ve put on a big pot of coffee, and I’m digging deep to bring your tips to:

  • Develop a writing practice that will move you from struggling writer to published author
  • Ditch your “not good enough” fears so you can share your message
  • Proven ways to write your book – even if you hate writing!
  • Real stories from entrepreneur-authors who have “been there, done that” and written a book while still building a thriving business
  • And more!

AND: A bonus training with Dr. Sarah Rieff-Hekking to help you overcome procrastination and overwhelm (for good) so you can keep writing

Each and every expert is also sharing the biggest obstacle he or she encountered while writing his or her book, as well as the biggest “a-ha” moment.

PLUS: I’ve got your “sugar and cream”! I asked each expert for the top three tips for aspiring authors – and some of their advice will surprise you! But all the advice is guaranteed to help you get into the writing flow so you can finally write your book.

One thing’s for sure – all the teachers agree:

Your message has the power to change the world… and it’s up to you to share it!

Now, I want to be clear:

This is NOT about WHY you need to write your book! (You already know that.) It’s about giving you trusted advice from people who have been exactly where you are, and strategies for stopping the percolation, and getting into the flow… of your words on paper!

Enter the realm of “I CAN do it!” and finally (finally!) get your book written.

You’ve dreamed, schemed, and percolated long enough. Let’s come together now to get your message to the masses!

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MeetYourHostKim-Sidebar-2016Kim loves coffee – but it doesn’t always love her back! (The LAST thing she needs is more energy!) But one thing’s for sure, she’s perfected the art of going from “percolating” an idea to writing best-selling books!

After graduating from the University of Arizona with a degree in Creative Writing, Kim spent years mastering the craft of writing – and the business of publishing. (And she’s experienced – and overcome – every frustration along the way!)

With 19 books to her name – everything from poetry to short stories, how-to to children’s books – Kim knows what it means to have a message inside that needs to be shared.

Now, it’s her mission to help you share yours, with this complimentary virtual event.

Brew Your Book

September 27 – 29, 2017